Infinite Livestream

Livestream culture has exponentially increased in the last two years. Did you know there are 13 million people streaming their lives right now? Twitch, a subsidiary of Amazon is the leading live streaming video service that has 15 million daily active users. The self-streaming culture… Read More »Infinite Livestream

Personalized Narrative

Personalisation is perhaps the most rapidly engaged communication device that narrates our everyday urban routines without our acknowledgement. Algorithmic personalisation is โ€˜a process of gathering, storing, and analyzing informationโ€™ (Venugopal, 2009) by recommendation systems. It is a response to the discrepancies between the amount of… Read More »Personalized Narrative

Volumetric Cinema

The advent of new sensing technologies has shifted the contemporary experience of visual content to include 3 dimensions. With remote satellite sensing we have transitioned from viewing the earth from a planar map to a 3 dimensional globe. Depth LIDAR sensors and motion trackers used… Read More »Volumetric Cinema

AI Optimization

Artificial intelligence generates the cinematic substance of today, molding the clay of the cinematic image itself. This can most readily be observed in the cultural phenomena of deep fakes, produced by general adversarial networks (also known as GANs). These neural network processing works in binary… Read More »AI Optimization

Environmental reconstructions

โ€˜Currentโ€™ focuses on democratising reconstruction techniques to facilitate a collective contribution to urban archives. Instead of using high end technologies and softwares that are only available to institutions and corporations, โ€˜Currentโ€™ tested a number of low-end sensors (i.e. mobile phones, Kinect, drones, etc.), open-sourced AI… Read More »Environmental reconstructions

Predictive Modeling

Although we often imagine alternative intelligence to take the form of humanoid personas in some distant future, artificial intelligence is already in our lives in the form of an algorithm. AI predicts and offers us recommendations to our preferences based on databases of our search… Read More »Predictive Modeling