Current – trailer: Currensee: Micro-licensing the Attention Economy

The emergence of CGI influencers on social media pushes the limits of the body. As non-human entities progressively consume the marketโ€™s economy, what is the granularity of a body that can be licensed? What is the criteria for value when crediting animals and plants, and how can we return the resources used up by the attention economy back to nature?

With the rise of green screen technology and branded virtual signalling, Current foresees a trend of โ€˜key greenโ€™ fashion. An infinite amount of digital looks can be created with just one piece of green clothing, this has the potential to intermediate consumerism. In this scene, dolphin cam live-streams have been keyed on the CGI influencerโ€™s dress. This piece of digital clothing can be traded for donation and virtue signals the need to preserve nature without having to mass produce any goods.