Predictive Modeling

Although we often imagine alternative intelligence to take the form of humanoid personas in some distant future, artificial intelligence is already in our lives in the form of an algorithm. AI predicts and offers us recommendations to our preferences based on databases of our search and purchase history. In fact, it might even realize our needs before we understand them ourselves.

Inspired by the interface of BriefCam, Current negotiates a way to spatialize time in order to imagine how we might visualise our past, present and future events in a non-linear manner. What if I can trade the experience of my next Friday with your last Tuesday? What kind of psychogeographies will get triggered by this type of butterfly effect?

As the future and past collapse into one volumetric space, the moving image begins to unfold the butterfly effect before our very eyes, revealing links between seemingly unconnected events. Furthermore, the capacity to see across time folds generates existential uncanny-ness when we witness ourselves appearing in our own streams. What happens when you witness your self being predicted, when you watch your future unfold based on predictions from your past data?